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Some of you may already use Amazon Smile and have CharacterPlus selected as your charity. If so, we thank you! If you don't but have an Amazon account, we'd like to encourage you to select CharacterPlus as your Amazon Smile charity when you shop. Why? .05% of every purchase will come to CharacterPlus.
If you are already a member of Amazon and would like to use Amazon Smile, follow the simple steps below. If you don't have an Amazon Account but would like to sign up and
select CharacterPlus as your charity, simply create an account first, then follow the steps below. 

Step One.

Once you sign in to your Amazon Account, type into your URL window like this example.


Step Two.

Once you hit enter you will be redirected here. Type in CharacterPlus. Then Select CharacterPlus.


Step Three.

Once you hit enter, you will be redirected here. Simply check the box.


Step Four.

You will now see Supporting CharacterPlus in the top left of your Amazon Navigation Bar.


You'll know you've completed the process when you've received the email below. If you need help or have further questions, send an email to one our CharacterPlus Amazon Smile set-up experts, Claudia or Heather. By the way, CharacterPlus has no access to who shopped or what was purchased on Amazon that generated the .05% contribution. We only see the amount received.

Thank you for considering CharacterPlus as your supported charity on Amazon Smile!

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