What might happen if we create the space for students to tackle issues like race in a positive, forward–thinking manner?

Gateway2Change Student Summits on Race inspire and motivate young people to become leaders for positive change in their local community. This unique approach helps young people engage in purposeful conversations about the social and cultural differences that exist within the St. Louis region and create a plan to affect positive change. 


Gateway2Change (G2C) was created in 2014 after the tragic events unfolded in Ferguson and has served more than 400 students representing 38 high schools throughout the St. Louis region. Annual cohorts of students participate in summits facilitated by program staff and community partners. Students explore how social and cultural differences influence individual life experiences and perspectives; and apply problem-solving models to develop solutions for issues related to diversity and equity.

Thank you to the generous support of our partners, who ensure that Gateway2Change continues each year.


To learn more about participating in Gateway2Change or supporting the G2C Summit, contact us at 314.692.1252 or

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