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CharacterPlus Inner-City Character Skills Program (iCSP) provides students and their teachers in at-risk school classrooms the tools to inspire confidence for personal and academic success beyond what they felt was their destiny. iCSP exposes these students to possibilities they would otherwise not have thought possible.

At-risk students fall far below Missouri state academic standards in language arts, math, and science and have suspension and chronic absentee rates far above state averages. The average Missouri Proficiency Rates in Language Arts (LA) is 49%, Math is 42%, and Science is 49%.  Missouri’s state suspension rate is 6%.

iCSP's Purpose

iCSP takes the evidence-based processes and programs CP has provided to thousands of regional teaches as educator only workshop formats and enhances that work directly inside classrooms for urban students attending at-risk schools, specifically, that classroom work builds positive student autonomy. Partner schools are identified by principles currently enrolled in the University of Missouri St. Louis’ Center for Character and Citizenship’s year-long Character Education in Emerging Leaders (CEEL) program. Schools selected have a significant enrollment (between 90 to 100%) of demographically at-risk students.