Our annual gathering is always the year’s highlight. It is a time we celebrate the extraordinary work being accomplished, honor a deserving community member, and enjoy each other’s company. This gathering also benefits the largest and most successful community-wide character education initiative in the country.
With COVID-19 our 16th Annual Friends of CharacterPlus Fall Party will be different. This year we are asking you to support our Non-Party Fall Party.  What is a Non-Party Fall Party? It is a party that you won’t attend in person, but will still support the work of CharacterPlus.  
For this year’s Non-Party Fall Party we are sharing a piece of history from our CharacterPlus founder, Sandy N. McDonnell. A $500 contribution enters you into a drawing for one of three watercolors painted by Sandy.  
You will also receive a gift of notecards with Sandy’s watercolor paintings on the cover. Those who make a contribution of at least $250 will also receive a gift of Sandy’s watercolor painting notecards.
The winners of these watercolors will be announced here on CharacterPlus.Org at 5pm, November 20th, 2020.   
With recent pandemic stories as examples, the impact of individual character has never been more critical or important.  The work CharacterPlus does with schools to support character education has not stopped during the COVID-19 outbreak.
What does your generosity do?
One example is the CharacterPlus Way® Program. AESM (video below) just completed third year with great success. Even in the midst of the pandemic we have begun work with two additional underserved St. Louis Public Schools. The CharacterPlus Way® Program is our three-year, evidence-based, school-wide transformation process. Schools who have participated in this process have reported a decrease in discipline referrals, an increase in attendance rates, and improved state scores in reading, science, and math.

Your generosity is also needed to support character skill-building action by way of new initiatives in development, or underway:

  • The Teacher Academy in Character Education (TACE) offered region wide

  • Inner-City Character Skills program (iCSP) provided to urban classrooms

  • Athleadership Academy in Character Education. (AACE) developing Character Ambassadors at the Collegiate Level

Superintendents, principals and teachers have appreciated how CharacterPlus has remained able, adaptable and prepared to provide teachers and schools the high impact character training and support they’ve come to expect and appreciate.  Strength of character has taken on additional meaning as schools now face operating as virtual/in-class hybrids.


You make this possible, so we hope you will financially “join” the Non-Party Fall Party as if you would be attending in person. For your financial consideration and continued support during this challenging time, we THANK YOU!


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