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Born from CharacterPlus's work with the NCAA, the High School Athleadership Academy in Character Education (AACE) provides character education skill-building for secondary school athletes. CharacterPlus has adapted its K-12 evidence-based process for creating Autonomy (voice and choice), Belonging (being part of a community), and Competence (the ability to do something successfully) for high school coaches and their athletes. Annually, each participating high school selects student-athletes from every sport to attend AACE training in order to become AACE Character Ambassadors.


Hear from the MIAAA Athletic Director of the Year - Mike Roth

Hear from our NCAA AACE Athleaders:
"I plan on implementing these strategies for my team."

"This helps me improve my personal life by working on my self-awareness when it comes to empowerment and confidence on and off the court."

"I greatly appreciated the training! I was given new insight into the difference between what and why and how I can apply it to my team dynamic."

"I greatly appreciated the training! I was given new insight into the difference between what and why and how I can apply it to my team dynamic."

"As a result of the AACE training on Friday, we will continue to strive to be character leaders on our team by helping our teammates understand their noble purpose and continue unifying the team, so all feel like family."

"This program is an incredible opportunity to help coaches connect with their captains and to guide them as they lead their team together. This workshop gives coaches the opportunity to work on being a transformational coach and not just a transactional coach, which is often the default, Thanks to the AACE team and the time taken to challenge me. I was able to create my why statement that helped me focus on being a transformational coach!" 

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 An example of AACE High School programing includes:

Understanding self as a leader: Core Values, Noble Purpose, Relationship Building
Building a team where athletes are empowered, competent, and feel like they belong
Collaborating with leadership team and coaches
Putting athletics in perspective by prioritizing character
Building relationships and understanding the positive virtues of intrinsic motivation
Creating community for all to succeed
Learning more about our own self as a leader
Understanding the power of perspective and valuing other’s differences as strengths
Awareness of the ABCs (Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence) as a concept and team

"Character Ambassadors will become model student-athlete leaders who make a positive impact on their teams, universities, and their communities."

In Addition, AACE High School Helps Athletes Develop Leadership Self Awareness.
a critical communicative component of high functioning teams
East Style Athlete
The Big Picture First
"likes to know the big picture and the possibilities before acting"
North Style Athlete
Jump Right In First
Likes to act, try things, plunge in.
West Style Athlete
The Details First
likes to know the who, what, when, where and why before acting.
South Style Athlete
The People First
"likes to know that everyone’s feelings have been taken into consideration and that their voices have been heard before acting"
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