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School Teacher

The Teacher Academy in Character Education (TACE) has two fundamental purposes. The first is to inspire a personal commitment to character values as a teacher and further strengthen the noble purpose bedrock all educators share. The second is to equip teachers with character development best practices and evidence-based methods for building positive character skills in students. We've also identified and will measure a few bold goals for TACE Academy Graduates-increasing academic success in their classrooms, decreasing student referrals, lowering teacher turnover, and increasing job satisfaction.


TACE is designed for Elementary and Secondary Teacher Leaders. The Academy's one-year program will center on monthly full-day evidence-based work sessions led by award-winning educators, expert character education practitioners, and renowned scholars.


TACE will complement the highly successful and long-running Leadership Academy in Character Education (LACE) for school administrators led by Dr. Marvin Berkowitz, Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education.


Contact Dr. Julie Sperry, CharacterPlus Director of Academies

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