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dLACE scholars will learn to use character education essentials as part of school improvement practices districtwide to ensure a comprehensive, intentional, and proactive approach to student development.  This includes learning the skills to implement, lead and sustain a character education process throughout their district that, when done with efficacy, positively impact academic performance, school culture and climate, referral rates, and teacher job satisfaction. The ideal dLACE scholar is someone who has the ability and is empowered to lead this work in the district.

Training Location:
St. Louis, MO or Liberty, Missouri
If travel is required - Hotel Expenses Paid 
Participant Mileage Reimbursed
$1200 Stipend per District for Character Education Follow-On Needs
Character Education Starter Library iCharacterPlus Online Programming Access No cost to you!
(funded by DESE & CharacterPlus)
  • Understand character skill-building's impact on self and others

  • Understand character education frameworks 

  • Understand character education best practice implementation 

  • Understand how to advocate and lead character education best practices in a district 

  • Assess the social, emotional, and character strengths and needs of the district

  • Lead the implementation process of the culture and climate survey and interpret the data report created

  • Lead the school teams in their district and/or partner with CharacterPlus to help the schools implement best practices 

For over 30 years, CharacterPlus has helped educators and administrators develop evidence-based character foundation frameworks that create positive school culture, climate, and advanced academic achievement. Our character education expertise spans more than 50 school districts, 300 public, private and charter schools, colleges, universities, the NCAA, and international. 

The results of our evidence-based intentional Character Education framework?

- staff morale is higher
- staff possess a strong sense of purpose
- staff and students enjoy a higher level of admin support
- more students score at proficient or advanced on assessment tests
- students demonstrate healthier prosocial behaviors
- fewer student behavior office referrals occur
- students report greater feelings of belonging and autonomy
- more students view the school as a community
- staff possess a strong sense of purpose
- students are more likely to view the school as a community

If your school internet server blocks certain items on a website you may not see the application below or have access. If so, please contact Roxanna Mechem for a .pdf version.

For questions, please get in touch with Dr. Kristen Pelster, Chief Programming Officer
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