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Effective leadership is an essential and often defining factor to ensure all team members achieve at their highest potential. Leaders, who foremost seek to understand themselves first and do so humbly, are able to intentionally create a culture where their colleagues not only achieve, but thrive. 

Those smart cultures thrive by experiencing high levels of autonomy, belonging, and competence. This allows for an environment where the teams are able to adeptly operate with pride, satisfaction, and success.


cLEAD Design
Our process helps move your leaders further down that path or in some cases get them on it.  With this in mind, the program is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of the leadership competencies  essential to developing their skills and abilities. Leader Participants will engage in a variety of CLEAD experiences that will result in relevant learning and practical application back in their respective areas of responsibility.
cLEAD Outcomes
- Increase leader self-awareness in order to better lead the team.

- Identify and model the characteristics of an ideal team leader and team player by embodying the concepts of humility (humble), social awareness (smart), and the desire to be more and do more for the team (hungry).

- Lead the necessary change to ensure that a healthy and productive culture in their department exists for all.
cLEAD Expertise
No glossy brochures.
No celebrity endorsements.
No soaring eagle cute quip leadership posters.
Just three decades of evidence proving a character commitment succeeds.
CharacterPlus is the longest running, most recognized evidenced-based character education process in the world. CharacterPlus' process is nationally recognized and is one of the most successful community-wide character education initiatives in the country.
CharacterPlus Serves 300,000+ students, 16,000+ teachers in 50 school districts, and 500 schools throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. Beyond K-12, CharacterPlus provides character education skill building for NCAA athletes through the Athleadership Academy in Character Education, and to university faculty through our cLEAD program. 
International education leaders from 12 countries have traveled to St. Louis to study CharacterPlus, and CharacterPlus member schools are nationally recognized through State and/or National Schools of Character.
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