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For hundreds of children in your school district, their bus driver, custodial staff, lunchroom team, before-school care, nurse, para-professionals, and administrative assistants are the very first educators with whom they interact as they begin their school day. As a result, a school's character initiative is put in motion long before a student enters the classroom. 

  • Creating stronger bonds and a sense of belonging for all support staff in your school

  • Giving bus drivers and all support staff the tools to strengthen school community on buses, in the lunchroom, and throughout the building

  • Providing students an increased sense of belonging and safety in every school setting

  • Positively impacting behavior and level of respect

  • Building an in-depth understanding of why each staff member matters in this effort, and how their actions and words strengthen school climate and culture

  • Sharing real-world examples of how students view all adults in their school community as role models

  • Developing a keen understanding of how positive relationships can be forged even in the micro-moment interactions found between student and bus driver, custodial staff, lunchroom team, before-school care, medical, para-professionals, administrative assistants, and lunchroom personnel    

Culture Carriers by CharacterPlus builds positive climate and culture skills with your “educators beyond the classroom” by -

Participant feedback...

"I learned about the impact of greeting my students."

"I learned to be more compassionate towards others and to take the time to listen."

"I was affirmed when I heard the importance of a bus driver in a student's life."


To schedule your training, contact Lynn Clapp, Director of Culture Carriers, at

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