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Every school is unique. So are the character, social and emotional needs of your students. You deserve access to ongoing, relevant and tailored strategies to create caring, high-achieving learning environments where young people are inspired to become upstanding, engaged citizens who want to make a difference in the world.


As a member of CharacterPlus, all your school stakeholders - administrators, teachers, students, staff and parents

benefit from a “one-stop-shop” for programming and services. Rates are deeply discounted and scholarships are available – thanks to the generosity of so many who value the work you do.


As the CharacterPlus District Leader, you may be looked upon as the expert in all things related to character and social-emotional learning. Therefore, included in your district’s membership you will have:

  • Unlimited access to all workshops

  • Direct line to CharacterPlus staff

  • Representation on the District Leaders Professional Learning Network that represents 55 districts, 500 schools and 300,000 students.


Thank you for prioritizing the education of the whole child. Your dedication ensures our young people gain critical life skills, such as: integrity, kindness, humanity, gratitude and perseverance.


At CharacterPlus, our mission is to inspire and empower character development in young people by partnering with schools, families and communities to provide character education resources, programs and support. We look forward to understanding your needs and working with you!


Rachael Wilcox.png

Rachael Wilcox

Director of Social Emotional Learning

Washington School District

Characterplus District leaders serve an important role in the school community.  As individuals who champion character education, district leaders are committed to learning evidence-based practices and processes that address the character, social, and emotional needs of students in classrooms and schools.
District leaders have the most impact when they work closely with district administrators to implement foundational practices as part of school improvement efforts and monitor outcomes. Character education is more important than ever. District leaders serve as conduits between districts and the collaborative work happening in the region.


Rachael was named 2012 FHSD Special Education Teacher of the Year, Independence’s 2018 Teacher of the Year, 2019 FHSD Teacher of the Year and 2019 Missouri Regional Teacher of the Year. She also received the 2020 Horace Mann Friend of Education award, won the 2020 California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence and was a 2020 Missouri Teacher of the Year finalist.

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