Founded by Sanford (Sandy) N. McDonnell, a leading advocate of character education, CharacterPlus has a 30-­year history of partnering with schools committed to enriching the whole child. We provide the resources and training to create caring, high­-achieving school environments where young people are inspired to become engaged, upstanding citizens who want to make a positive impact in the world.

We have the longest-­running, most successful community-wide character education initiative in the country.

+ 500 Schools
+ 50 School Districts
+ 16,000
+ 300,000 Students
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Our work positively impacts school districts and universities.

CharacterPlus®  evidence-based programs and processes are endorsed regionally as well as nationally.

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Notable administrators, educators, and coaches acknowledge the impact.

CharacterPlus® programs, processes, and individual expertise will enhance the opportunities you'd like to strengthen and will help tackle the challenges you face right now.

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