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CharacterPlus inspires and empowers positive character development in young people by connecting with schools, families and communities to provide character education resources, processes and support.


Through ongoing collaboration and evaluation, CharacterPlus helps educators develop a framework to create a positive school environment where learning is enhanced and students can thrive. CharacterPlus is nationally recognized and has evidence based results of increasing test scores and academic achievement while decreasing disciplinary incidents.

Why is CharacterPlus unique?
  • CharacterPlus is one of the longest-running and most successful community-wide character education initiative in the country.

  • We are the only research evidence-based character education process.

  • CharacterPlus is internationally recognized.

  • Our process has proven to increase academic scores and student attendance while decreasing classroom disciplinary incidents.

  • CharacterPlus partners with school leaders to design a framework that fits the unique needs of each school creating a sustainable long-lasting initiative

  • We value ongoing evaluation to ensure implementation success.

  • Our character education process recognizes the involvement of staff, parents, community leaders and students working together to effect positive change

We Serve Education

In 1988, CharacterPlus was found by Sandy McDonnell, former CEO of McConnell Douglas. Recognizing the need to promote ethical practices in business, he was inspired to take action. What started as an effort between 7 school districts has grown into the nation’s most successful community–wide character education initiative serving:

55 School Districts
500 Schools
3,000 Teachers
30,000 Students

To learn more about how CharacterPlus can help you create a positive school culture and climate, contact us at 314.692.1252 or