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Promote positive character development in young people by partnering with schools, families, and communities to provide character education evidence-based processes, expert support, and professional resources.



CharacterPlus® has over 30 years of experience with building strong communities of character by investing in the character development of young people in thousands of classrooms. Founded in 1988 by Sanford (Sandy) N. McDonnell, a leading advocate of character education, and Chairman Emeritus McDonnell Douglas Corporation, CharacterPlus’ 30-year history involves partnering with schools committed to enriching the whole child. CharacterPlus is the longest running, most recognized evidenced-based character education process in the world. CharacterPlus' process is nationally recognized and is one of the most successful community-wide character education initiatives in the country.


CharacterPlus Serves 300,000+ students, 16,000+ teachers in 50 school districts, and 500 schools throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. Beyond K-12, CharacterPlus provides character education skill building for NCAA athletes through the Athleadership Academy in Character Education, and to university faculty through our cLEAD program. International education leaders from 12 countries have traveled to St. Louis to study CharacterPlus, and CharacterPlus member schools are nationally recognized through State and/or National Schools of Character.


CharacterPlus is unique in that we are the only character education program that recognizes involvement of staff, parents, community leaders and students, working together, to positively effect climate and culture. Through a variety of evidenced-based methods, CharacterPlus helps educators and administrators develop a character-based framework to create a positive school environment where all students feel safe, and free to learn.

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