For the first time, CharacterPlus Members have free online programming access. Content-focused on relevant topics in the area of social, emotional, and character development will be added throughout the school year, and regular updates will be provided on this site and with your District Leader.  


CharacterPlus®, the longest-running character education initiative in the country, is proud to announce the area’s sixteen schools and one district named 2020 National Schools of Character. These schools and district have demonstrated a focus on character development which has positively impacted academic achievement, student behavior, and school climate. Nationally, eighty-four schools and seven school districts received the honor this year.

CharacterPlus® Mission


To inspire and empower positive character development in young people by connecting with schools, families, and communities to provide character education resources, processes, and support.


We are the longest-running community-wide character education initiative in the country.  CharacterPlus empowers the next generation of leaders, inspiring them to be compassionate people of integrity. We provide the evidence-based approaches and best practices that help educators create a caring, high-achieving school culture.


Our processes are rooted in evidence-based strategies and best practices.

Our processes and results have been nationally recognized.

Support from community partners      is critical to our efforts.

Schools of Character

Using the 11 Principles of Character as a guideline, schools demonstrate how their character education program had a positive impact on academic achievement, student behavior and school climate. Schools are recognized annually at the state and national level.

Friends of CharacterPlus

A diverse group of community members committed to increasing support and public awareness of the services that CharacterPlus provides to educators, parents and the community.

CharacterPlus® Training


When students feel empowered and that they have a voice, it provides leadership opportunities; creates a positive school community; and can ultimately transform your school environment.


Learn activities and strategies that can be immediately implemented at your school to identify concepts that are working and areas of improvement. Explore ideas to challenge and stretch your students to grow their sense of competence. Leave with a plan to ensure you are being intentional about creating a school community in which all students have a voice, belong and feel like they matter. 

Every day, CharacterPlus® works with educators using evidence-based processes to build character, social and emotional skills in PreK-12 students. CharacterPlus® now works with university-level athletic teams using those same processes with great success.


Since CharacterPlus® member districts across comparable demographics achieve higher ACT scores and MPI scores than non-member districts, we know  how this success with teachers and students in classrooms can be applied to coaches and athletes on fields, courts, courses, and tracks.

CharacterPlus® is a 501c(3) organization

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